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Sky Watching

ever-changing skygazing into the offing relax and unwind Written for W3 Weave Written Weekly #56. The prompt was to write a haiku or a tanka on one’s favourite way to unwind. I find sky watching very relaxing. This is a scheduled post, since I’m on a hiatus, I’ll be responding when I get back 😄Continue reading “Sky Watching”


Cup slowly fills overflows with will unable to tame emotion cracks. Cup slowly repairs gold filling cracks able to sustain emotion useful. An elfchen written for W3 Prompt #54: Wea’ve Written Weekly. Congratulations to Sadje ma’am for being featured as the Poet of the Week. 🥰 I enjoyed writing this poetic form, it required choosing wordsContinue reading “Cup”


The frangipani lies against the grass waxy cream petals sun-burst center intoxicating scent permeates the stillness drawing my attention each floret whispers that secret memory when I first picked it in a quiet spot away from the commotion of playing I inhaled its fragrance soothingly grounding from that moment on the frangipani and I turnedContinue reading “Everlasting”


Lonesome light leaks a diver on the rocks hitting rock-bottom drinks as the splendourous sun sinks. Sea waves tiding goodbye seagulls gliding high today the tears don’t dry The wind in her hair gritty sand amidst despair rock heavy, does she sink… or does she dissolve like ink? Hope is the waning light a breathContinue reading “Resurfacing”

Hope Is…

Hope is the sister to Despair’s gloomy veil piercing the lace in twain sword-like; a living flame. Hope emboldens the afraid do not mistake Her for Courage… Hope can drive a Man insane even when She is a tiny spark. He shall grasp Hope to saunter forth against Despair’s soul-crushing cry even a sliver slimContinue reading “Hope Is…”

O Ferryman

Oppressive and heavy untethered in the sea dues to be paid you levy O ferryman, abandon me. Untethered in the sea floundering in insecurity O ferryman, abandon me let me fade into obscurity. Floundering in insecurity doubts wrecking the skiff let me fade into obscurity crumbling against the cliff Doubts wrecking the skiff dues toContinue reading “O Ferryman”

Found: Serendipittie

Found: Serendipittie As a herald of positivity, we write with the good news that Serendipittie, the goodest boy of good luck has been found. It was a happy accident when one of the towns people found him dozing under the statue of another esteemed canine. The town has had a slew of bad luck sinceContinue reading “Found: Serendipittie”