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Love: A Sonnet

Love, a sharp blade, a thorn in the side. Love, a daisy glade, humble with no pride. Love, a firefly’s spark, harking balmy summer rain. Love, a broken-winged lark, a heart-wrenching refrain. Love, a goldfish that slips, vanishing in the weed. Love, a singed moth dips, flaming desperate need. Love, though grasped with gentle hands,Continue reading “Love: A Sonnet”

April Fool’s

School was the time for April Fool’s antics sticking labels onto a friend’s back parading unaware through the corridors electing a laugh. Wrapping stones in a candy wrapper with an innocent air erupting in glee as the other frowned with disappointment. Donkey ears while posing for a picture harmless pranks to make a Fool aContinue reading “April Fool’s”

Bullet Journal

The washi tape concealing the tears the mistakes I am making it pretty for all to see razzle-dazzle. Bullet journaling my life isn’t easy too much hidden too little revealed a calligraphy can’t fix the messes I make. Dubious to attempt to make it an art dubious to even try this pretty bullet journal soundsContinue reading “Bullet Journal”

Once Upon A Time #JusJoJan 2023

Hello! I’ve decided to join in on Just Jot it January/ Stream of Consciousness Saturday(SoCS) hosted by Linda G. Hill. Today’s prompt is “once upon a time”. Once upon a time…there were a pair of shoes. A very ordinary pair of shoes. Not a pair of shiny leather Oxfords or Mary Janes that an adultContinue reading “Once Upon A Time #JusJoJan 2023”