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Late Spring

Late Spring. The pale shy tender blooms of early spring pastel colours, soft tints hide themselves, as though they cannot stand the growing warmth of approaching summer. Bolder blooms peek their heads vibrantly carmine, fuschia, indigo and saffron. Ixoras, bouganvilliea, marigolds and geraniums a multitude of vividness devours the landscape. Welcoming the heat. They canContinue reading “Late Spring”

Haibun: Half-moon

Half-moon. The eighth day in the lunar calendar. When the moon is a semicircle it is almost unreadable. It lies suspended in the middle of the sky enclosed in an air of mystery. I do not mind the night with a half-moon. A perfect setting for a paranormal mystery or a forbidden romance. A facetContinue reading “Haibun: Half-moon”

Amenity Insanity #JusJoJan2023

Hello! I’ve decided to join in on Just Jot it January hosted by Linda G. Hill. Today’s prompt is “amenities” by Kim. I must admit I do not have a long, thought out post for today. Amenities do make life a tad easier. We have so many conveniences at our disposal. Whether it be inContinue reading “Amenity Insanity #JusJoJan2023”

In the spirit of resolutions…

A new year means a new resolution. Many among us manage to keep or break them. I tried making a few original resolutions this year. I could find none to make! How did new year resolutions start anyway? Babylonians were one of the first to make new year resolutions. They believed that if they stuckContinue reading “In the spirit of resolutions…”