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The Envelope

The study was off-limits for Dolly. The pigtailed troublemaker had an inquisitive nature, fuelled by her natural curiosity. The most recent object of her curiosity, was the vintage sealed envelope on her father’s study table. The crimson waxed seal was tempting at best. Dolly’s imagination soared at the possibility. However, she knew she could notContinue reading “The Envelope”

Mama and Child

Brown eyes sparkle laughter dances cheerily upon the child’s lips you are precious, mama he cups her cheeks small fingers pat her wearied face Mama returns the smile after a tiring work day these are the words that piece her back thank you sweetheart you are precious, child you always make Mama proud. Written forContinue reading “Mama and Child”


“She looks awfully serious. A brooder.” The new owners commented as they stared at the puppy. Ensconced in a mesh carrier bag, the puppy had small upright ears, tawny trimmed fur and a small snout with a patch of white, as though she’d smeared flour over her face. The puppy’s ears pricked at the owners statement.Continue reading “Raised”


Donna sighed as she rummaged through the boxes. Every box contained some antique, a relic from her father’s time as a deep sea diver. Whether they were the precious log books that he’d written over the years or the carefully preserved fossils that he had been allowed to keep after the valuable ones were handedContinue reading “Jack”