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The Envelope

The study was off-limits for Dolly. The pigtailed troublemaker had an inquisitive nature, fuelled by her natural curiosity. The most recent object of her curiosity, was the vintage sealed envelope on her father’s study table. The crimson waxed seal was tempting at best. Dolly’s imagination soared at the possibility. However, she knew she could notContinue reading “The Envelope”

Sky Watching

ever-changing skygazing into the offing relax and unwind Written for W3 Weave Written Weekly #56. The prompt was to write a haiku or a tanka on one’s favourite way to unwind. I find sky watching very relaxing. This is a scheduled post, since I’m on a hiatus, I’ll be responding when I get back 😄Continue reading “Sky Watching”


“You’re such a beauty.” Her fingers stroked through the stray’s tangled white fur.The doleful coffee-brown eyes lightened with a spark of joy. The stray whipped back its ears, the raggedy stump of a tail slapped against the ground in gratitude. “Woof. Woof.”Abigail laughed. She’d been overthinking alone on the bench with a despondent stare. However,Continue reading “Friends?”

One book at a time…

One book at a time fairy tales, nursery rhymes the collection has multiplied to thick tomes of fiction fantasy and crime. One book at a time in nooks and crannies find a murder on the dining table supernatural under the bed for a bibliophile I am so unkind. One book at a time a stashContinue reading “One book at a time…”

Hope Is…

Hope is the sister to Despair’s gloomy veil piercing the lace in twain sword-like; a living flame. Hope emboldens the afraid do not mistake Her for Courage… Hope can drive a Man insane even when She is a tiny spark. He shall grasp Hope to saunter forth against Despair’s soul-crushing cry even a sliver slimContinue reading “Hope Is…”