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Sky Watching

ever-changing skygazing into the offing relax and unwind Written for W3 Weave Written Weekly #56. The prompt was to write a haiku or a tanka on one’s favourite way to unwind. I find sky watching very relaxing. This is a scheduled post, since I’m on a hiatus, I’ll be responding when I get back 😄Continue reading “Sky Watching”

Abstract Suitor

Framed in a gallery the crowd tries to figure him out between the planes abstract suitor sculpted with brushstrokes cubes and triangles yet every eye perceives their ideal, alone. Written for dverse Poetics: An Artist Gets His Due. This is a scheduled post. I am currently on a hiatus so I will be responding to yourContinue reading “Abstract Suitor”

Mama and Child

Brown eyes sparkle laughter dances cheerily upon the child’s lips you are precious, mama he cups her cheeks small fingers pat her wearied face Mama returns the smile after a tiring work day these are the words that piece her back thank you sweetheart you are precious, child you always make Mama proud. Written forContinue reading “Mama and Child”


Cup slowly fills overflows with will unable to tame emotion cracks. Cup slowly repairs gold filling cracks able to sustain emotion useful. An elfchen written for W3 Prompt #54: Wea’ve Written Weekly. Congratulations to Sadje ma’am for being featured as the Poet of the Week. 🥰 I enjoyed writing this poetic form, it required choosing wordsContinue reading “Cup”

Mirror Mirror

The divide between truth and illusion mirror mirror what is it I see? A cold finger against the glass is this the true me? Or am I illusory? Sharp contrasts blade-like black against piercing white mirror mirror. What is it I see? the divide between truth and illusion what is reality? Written for Sadje’s WhatContinue reading “Mirror Mirror”

Moss Girl’s Dirge

The moss girl lying on ground slime-green; gunky is her mind a flower princess crowned? never her fate resigned. The peony prince won’t look at you her mind whispers-you are dust the restless forest knew he roams, bereaved soul lost. There she lies rotting; over wretched love roses do not bloom on moss; elegant andContinue reading “Moss Girl’s Dirge”