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Cup slowly fills overflows with will unable to tame emotion cracks. Cup slowly repairs gold filling cracks able to sustain emotion useful. An elfchen written for W3 Prompt #54: Wea’ve Written Weekly. Congratulations to Sadje ma’am for being featured as the Poet of the Week. 🥰 I enjoyed writing this poetic form, it required choosing wordsContinue reading “Cup”


The asphalt is awash with dwindling summer rain. Telephone lines sway against the dusky sky, people shuffle through the streets wending their way to tea stalls and eateries. Lively banter filters through the warm stifling interiors smelling of fried snacks and milky cardamom tea. The backstreet is lined with bikes. Under the canopy of a drippingContinue reading “Aimless”

Mirror Mirror

The divide between truth and illusion mirror mirror what is it I see? A cold finger against the glass is this the true me? Or am I illusory? Sharp contrasts blade-like black against piercing white mirror mirror. What is it I see? the divide between truth and illusion what is reality? Written for Sadje’s WhatContinue reading “Mirror Mirror”

Moss Girl’s Dirge

The moss girl lying on ground slime-green; gunky is her mind a flower princess crowned? never her fate resigned. The peony prince won’t look at you her mind whispers-you are dust the restless forest knew he roams, bereaved soul lost. There she lies rotting; over wretched love roses do not bloom on moss; elegant andContinue reading “Moss Girl’s Dirge”


The frangipani lies against the grass waxy cream petals sun-burst center intoxicating scent permeates the stillness drawing my attention each floret whispers that secret memory when I first picked it in a quiet spot away from the commotion of playing I inhaled its fragrance soothingly grounding from that moment on the frangipani and I turnedContinue reading “Everlasting”


Dying embers the muse ignites itself with a flint here’s your path I have it mapped into unknown territory will you spring? Labriynth torch held high a treasure hunt into an alternate reality across the gateways illustrious muse guide the way holding the map. Written for dVerse Quadrille #175 -Mapping Out Our Poems. Thanks forContinue reading “Mapped”

Labour Day

No one spared her a second glance when she trudged through the tall grass. Gwen undertook this journey in silence. Oft-mended sandals pulled over shabby socks. A scarf wrapped about her head. The old woman huffed balancing her burden on a broken branch crossed over her slouched back. Two plastic buckets sloshed with precious water gatheredContinue reading “Labour Day”


She hung onto the edge of a precipice on a stone slab. The sea roiled below crashing onto oddly shaped boulders. Her heart drummed heavily within her chest like a thundercloud. She held on with all her might, dangling too close to the sea that reached out with hungry fingers. “Give me your hand!” The stranger’s voice crackedContinue reading “Finifugal”