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Paradigm Shift

A gazelle escapes into the cosmos swift as the mind an arrow poised whizzes past doe-eyed prey shifts nebulously Orion scintillates against the firmament the Hunter gives chase as thoughts spiral free on a never-ending quest of what comes next in this paradigm shift. A Quadrille (a poem of 44 words) on the prompt ‘shift.’Continue reading “Paradigm Shift”

Bullet Journal

The washi tape concealing the tears the mistakes I am making it pretty for all to see razzle-dazzle. Bullet journaling my life isn’t easy too much hidden too little revealed a calligraphy can’t fix the messes I make. Dubious to attempt to make it an art dubious to even try this pretty bullet journal soundsContinue reading “Bullet Journal”

If You Are Well Rested…

circadian rhythm awake and arise serotonin sunshine if you are well rested the day begins well the body clock has a way early to bed early to rise makes a person healthy and wise current lifestyles do not agree with this maxim, unsurprised entrainment is a habit and habits are hard to set it takesContinue reading “If You Are Well Rested…”

Four Walls In A Room

Four walls in a room a writer lives there permanently; her steps take her to places and spaces. Her restless heart wanders like a banshee the mountain trail beckons to the valleys and meadows. Dancing on the edge of a cliff a nebulous love whispers the writer weeps however tethered to her desk; chained yetContinue reading “Four Walls In A Room”

Nothing Bothers Me

Nothing bothers me.  I repeat the phrase over again as the rain cascasdes over me.  I dreamed of touching the clouds, soft and fluffly. Angelic. However, today the weather has shown its wicked side. Thunder and lightning crack havoc and I am caught between. This is the closest to god I’ll ever be. The cloudsContinue reading “Nothing Bothers Me”