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An Aster’s Solitude

“Asters cannot forget.” 

An Aster’s Solitude is a collection of poems dedicated to nature, love, and loneliness.

The flower Aster is symbolic of remembrance. The poems in this volume evoke imagery that remains ingrained in one’s memory, be it of a walk on the shore or a quiet afternoon filled with longing. 

Written in an immersive style, this collection depicts the beauty of nature and the fragility of emotion and solitude. 

What This Book Means To Me

When I first compiled and wrote An Aster’s Solitude, I did not think that someday I’d have a published poetry book in my hand. 

I simply wrote poetry for myself and put it on Instagram for others to see. Regardless, I cannot diminish its value for this poetry book was written in a time when I had no hope for myself. 

It stands testimony to my endurance through my personal struggle. The fact that I wrote and compiled it in a time that I myself was not well, neither mentally nor physically, it showed me that I was still worth something. Perhaps we all need a release when there’s something within us that doesn’t allow us to be alright. “An Aster’s Solitude” was my release.

Honestly, this book was not for profit. I had zero knowledge or skills to learn how to market it or market myself, for at that time I was only desperate to make a mark. Yet to me it is precious because it became a reflection of myself, my creative strength that did not fade even when I was at my lowest. 

If you wish to buy it and support me and my work here are some links to where it is available as a paperback*. 

If you ever read it and if any of the poems touch your heart, you can always let me know at @aboli_poetry on Instagram.

*Note: It is a print-on-demand book, which means my publisher freshly prints and ships every copy. Indian buyers may have to wait a day or two for it to ship while International buyers may have to wait longer and pay import charges. Delivery charges are applicable for all purchases so please purchase at your discretion.