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Mama and Child

Image credit; Alisa Dyson @ Pixaby

Brown eyes sparkle
laughter dances cheerily  
upon the child’s lips
you are precious, mama 
he cups her cheeks 
small fingers pat 
her wearied face 

Mama returns the smile
after a tiring work day
these are the words 
that piece her back 
thank you sweetheart
you are precious, child
you always make Mama proud. 

Written for Sadje’s What do you see # 186. In honour of Mother’s Day.

Thanks for reading ❤️


Published by Aboli Mane

Poet. Writer. Blogger. I post short reads, and poetry on A Writer In The Room. I published my debut poetry book "An Aster's Solitude" in 2019. Currently: Writing my first novel, an animal fantasy in a fictional world. Follow me to keep yourself updated.

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