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Image credit; Johannes Plenio @ Unsplash

Nimbostratus over the lake 
smoke grey bringing rain 
eclipsing the sun.

This one escaped
from a volcano 
carrying fire in its bowels.

Smoke from the dragon’s mouth
burnt sienna and soot
hanging low; mirrored. 

Over the placid lake
simmering rage
witholding rain.

Written for Sadje’s WDYS #178.

Thanks for reading 💖


Published by Aboli Mane

Poet. Writer. Blogger. I post short reads, and poetry on A Writer In The Room. I published my debut poetry book "An Aster's Solitude" in 2019. Currently: Writing my first novel, an animal fantasy in a fictional world. Follow me to keep yourself updated.

13 thoughts on “Nimbostratus

  1. For me, nature is the best poetry and anyone narrating that is the best disciple of nature.
    I don’t have any doubt and surely mind if anyone else has. Thanks a lot.

    Liked by 1 person

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