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Free Shoes

A shoe that didn’t fit
I wore it anyway 
a pair too tight 
a pair too loose 
none just right. 

I was lucky, said they 
I just had a pair 
others had no shoes
others had no privilege 
while I could choose.

When I circled around 
the block there it stood
equality: free shoes 
people went to war 
bullets flew. 

While I walked away
on unsteady steps 
at the corner of street 
Equity stood plainly 
handed me my size, discreet. 

Hand-made just for me
not everyone could discern 
the difference between 
equity and equality 
behind the smokescreen. 

Written for Reena’s Xploration Challenge #271.

While I am unsure if I managed to do justice to the prompt, here is my rather simplistic take on it. I hope you enjoy it 💕

Thanks for reading 😄


Published by Aboli Mane

Poet. Writer. Blogger. I post short reads, and poetry on A Writer In The Room. I published my debut poetry book "An Aster's Solitude" in 2019. Currently: Writing my first novel, an animal fantasy in a fictional world. Follow me to keep yourself updated.

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