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Found: Serendipittie

Found: Serendipittie

As a herald of positivity, we write with the good news that Serendipittie, the goodest boy of good luck has been found. It was a happy accident when one of the towns people found him dozing under the statue of another esteemed canine.

The town has had a slew of bad luck since Serendipittie went missing but he will make good on his promise to be better behaved. Our docile lucky charm may visit you any day today. You’ll find him on your doorstep wagging his tail and all you have to do is pet his snout. I am feeling lucky is a dream come true. You might as well buy a lottery ticket.

Good luck betide you as you walk out that door.
Serendipittie wishes you all the best in your endeavours! 

I chose to write this fun prose poem for W3 Prompt #44. The idea stemmed from the image above and I am sure a dog with a wagging tail is enough of a good news for anyone that reads this entry. I hope you all have lucky days ahead.

The prompt

  • Write a ‘prose poem’ in the form of a news article you wish would come out tomorrow (imagine it will come out tomorrow).


  • Format your ‘prose poem’ like breaking news;
  • Give it a bold attractive title; 
  • A beginning/middle/end;
  • Make it a Good News account of something that will benefit us all. Use strong, positive VERBS;
  • Add enough detail to make it believable/relieve us of some stress;
  • Not short, but not too long;
  • Have fun. Happy Writing!

Thanks for reading 💕


Published by Aboli Mane

Poet. Writer. Blogger. I post short reads, and poetry on A Writer In The Room. I published my debut poetry book "An Aster's Solitude" in 2019. Currently: Writing my first novel, an animal fantasy in a fictional world. Follow me to keep yourself updated.

22 thoughts on “Found: Serendipittie

  1. Gosh, Aboli Mane, you are one generous human. Thanks for wishing me luck. I will do just as you instruct when I see Serendipittie at my doorstep. I’m really so happy the lovely canine is no longer lost from us. Thank you so much for writing to the prompt and now I will wish you my best wish: I wish you miracles.

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