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Hell’s Incharge

They handed me the iron sceptre told me I am in charge of Hell they said no better chance exists to make the Punishments dwell. When I held the rod of justice Judgement rested a heavy crown Duty died within my throat every tragedy made me frown. The burden of a countless souls required deepContinue reading “Hell’s Incharge”

Hope Is…

Hope is the sister to Despair’s gloomy veil piercing the lace in twain sword-like; a living flame. Hope emboldens the afraid do not mistake Her for Courage… Hope can drive a Man insane even when She is a tiny spark. He shall grasp Hope to saunter forth against Despair’s soul-crushing cry even a sliver slimContinue reading “Hope Is…”


Ouroboros swallowing its tail an infinite cycle no hiatus remains release and recreate time is passing the present moment matters the most past and future future and past no hiatus remains an infinite cycle swallowing its tail Ouroboros Written for Moonwashed Weekly: Hiatus. A palindrome poem for this prompt. Thanks for reading 💖


I carress my plants marigolds burst into sunshine roses and jasmine; crimson and moonlight but the touch-me-not alone retreats blushing away in shame. A weed doesn’t deserve the green-fingered touch, it says uprooting it is a fair exchange but I let it alone in the shade for even weeds deserve love. For a one soContinue reading “Untamed”

Rush Hour

Pop. Pop. Corn kernels split apart as the popcorn fluffs. Steamy, sweltering summer heat washes across the city. In the mass of heaving panting crowds desperate to get somewhere…the call of the metro train is what rules the denizens. If you miss the train, you’ll be late for your job. Tick Tock. The digital clockContinue reading “Rush Hour”


“I don’t know where I stashed it.”“Stashed what?” The youngster asked.  Grandfather gazed at him through the horn wood spectacles as the septuagenarian opened various drawers around the house. “Happiness.” The youngster was befuddled. Happiness? To his innocent eyes, happiness was everywhere.  It was in the smile that Papa flashed him when he did wellContinue reading “Happiness”

Will I, Nill I?

Will I? Nil I? I am willing you leave no choice my muse with a blunt edge the stab wound is deep my brain is ship-wrecked in the maelstorm; you’re mute. Will I? Nil I? I am unwilling you leave no choice my muse with a sharp edge the paper-cuts are razor thin my brainContinue reading “Will I, Nill I?”

My Father’s House

Fissures on the ceiling the walls are drab the paint is peeling my father’s house is in need of healing The hallways echoing arched under a burden the house is narrowing in my father’s eyes happiness is mellowing Time is passing but I’ll dance with my father like a child I’m prancing in this houseContinue reading “My Father’s House”

O Ferryman

Oppressive and heavy untethered in the sea dues to be paid you levy O ferryman, abandon me. Untethered in the sea floundering in insecurity O ferryman, abandon me let me fade into obscurity. Floundering in insecurity doubts wrecking the skiff let me fade into obscurity crumbling against the cliff Doubts wrecking the skiff dues toContinue reading “O Ferryman”