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Haibun: Half-moon

Half-moon. The eighth day in the lunar calendar. When the moon is a semicircle it is almost unreadable. It lies suspended in the middle of the sky enclosed in an air of mystery. I do not mind the night with a half-moon. A perfect setting for a paranormal mystery or a forbidden romance. A facetContinue reading “Haibun: Half-moon”


Donna sighed as she rummaged through the boxes. Every box contained some antique, a relic from her father’s time as a deep sea diver. Whether they were the precious log books that he’d written over the years or the carefully preserved fossils that he had been allowed to keep after the valuable ones were handedContinue reading “Jack”

An Afternoon

A chord resounds melodic music plucking the strings feminine fingers engaged in rhapsody rippling through the breeze trees rustle; the river sings a pair of cuckoos join in from among the bowers blossoming spring an afternoon; humid languorous lull breaks uplifting crescendo enlivening spirits A Quadrille (A poem of 44 words) for dVerse Poet’s Pub.Continue reading “An Afternoon”