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Why I Struggle With Writing

While it is true that I love writing, many times I struggle with it. A writer’s worst enemies are perfection and self doubt. Self doubt makes you wonder if a piece is good enough, makes you wonder, is it worthy? Perfection makes you work hard, until your draft is spotless, until you’re sure you haven’tContinue reading “Why I Struggle With Writing”

3 Poetic Devices That Make An Impactful Poem

New to poetry? Perhaps you enjoy reading poetry but are intimidated at the thought of  writing any. Perhaps you wonder, how are poets made? What inspires such poems in individual minds that express themselves differently even when the words are the same?  Poets are filled with starlight and sunshine. We are pebbles that you holdContinue reading “3 Poetic Devices That Make An Impactful Poem”